My name is Rob Gropel. I run a busy vet practice in Melbourne, Australia.
I also love climbing big mountains and doing high level expeditions, while leaving the smallest possible impact on the earth.

My journey is fuelled in dedication to my late wife Marisa's mission to share the vegan message.

I completed the Seven Summits in February 2018 (and am the first Vegan to do so). I've since completed a gruelling month-long 580km east-west arctic crossing of Greenland in September 2018 pulling two sleds totalling 75kg. Additionally, in Dec 2019 I headed to Antarctica to cross the last degree to the South Pole in 10 days. My passion continues to set sights on new big adventures, the world is full of endless wonder after all, so stay tuned!

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I don’t consider climbing high mountains on a vegan diet as an accomplishment above someone who isn’t vegan. To say this would suggest that it somehow is a disadvantage. Being a vegan makes me no different from my fellow climbers, except for the footprint I leave behind. I believe being vegan is not the most we can do, it is the least we can do.  Every person, including vegans, still leave a trail of waste and carbon products behind us, but we must still try to tread with considered care whilst enjoying this incredibly beautiful place... Or it may not be beautiful for too much longer.

This website was originally started by my late wife, Marisa, who passed in May 2016. She endeavoured to educate people about the importance of veganism and its benefits on health, animal welfare and the environment.  Her message is so important that I am back with an updated site to continue her legacy.



- A Tribute To -

Maria Elizabeth Strydom 'Marisa'


“To fail is one thing, to quit is another...and I am not a quitter .”
― Maria Elizabeth Strydom